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Obadan Village web site is designed to promote Obadan Village, Obadan culture, Edo culture and all the information in this web site is for history education purposes and everybody is welcome. Obadan web site contains the History of Obadan, the brief history the Benin kingdom, the ability to find and reunite your lost friends or families. Obadan web site also contain information about the list of Universities in Nigeria and major colleges in Benin City of Edo state, Nigeria .

Friends and Families re-united

Obadan web site will soon be used as a reliable web site where you can track your friends and families and get back in touch with them. Therefore, Obadan.com lets you find old friends, family, Neighbors, love ones, and let you read what people you've lost touch with are doing now. It's free to search and browse entries for everyone over the internet. We are committed to the innovative approach, therefore, the confidentiality of the list of people on this web site are safe and secure.

To Promote Information Technologies

The world population is about 3.5 billion and Africa population is about 915,210,928 that is about fourteen percent (14.1%) of the world population. Among these populations only about 2.2 % of the African are using internet The population of Nigeria is about 159,404,137 people and only about 200000 people are using internet which is just about 1.1% of the Nigeria population.

Our aim is to promote information technologies awareness across Nigeria and in Africa in general. E-commerce is here to stay and we are knee to the promotion of online trading in Nigeria and to improve computer literacy in the near future.

Free and Special Offers

Obadan web site is also ready to bring useful information about free and special offers on the internet that might be useful for business and personal purposes. We will bring search results closer than ever to you.

Free Email Address

Obadan gives free email address to a anyone. It is totally free but limited in number. Sign up for your free Email address now.

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