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The idea of Western Education was conceived in 1932 by the Okpagha Young Men. They erected a boot at the hearth of the village and Mr. Ohuoba from Benin City was their teacher. Among the first pupils included the late Mrs Osawabie Edema and Igbinovia Okundia. The School did not last long before it collapsed.

In 1936, these same young men mainly cocoa farmers from Okpagha formed a union. We used to call this union (Big Meeting) when we grew up. One of their main objectives was to contribute and build a school for the children of Obadan.

In 1939, the union was registered as a Co-Operative Society with some of the following people as foundation members

Foundation Members

The above named people are few of the members whom with the co-operation of Okpagha Elders and some from other streets built a school, which was christened Obadan Co-operative School. This school was opened by the inspector of the Co-operative Society Mr. Osaremwinda Omoregie on the 11th November 1940. Mr. D.O. Igbinovia (then Edomwande) was appointed the first teacher of the school. He was put on a salary of 7s:6d (75 kobo) a month.

Mr. D.O. Igbinovia enrolled the first pupils among who were Mrs Aghefekokhian Osawe, Ekhuosuehi Iyoha, Adam Eweni etc. After some years, he left for the Teacher Training under the sponsorship of the Co-operative Society. In 1947 he came back to the school as the headmaster. The author of “A concise History of Obadan” was among the children who were enrolled in infant 1. The headmaster salary rose to 17s.:6d (1.75) which was contributed and paid by the Co-operative Society.

Mr. Alfred Obadiaru was one of his teachers at that time. Mr. D.O. Edonmwande worked up to the members of the Co-operative Society to sponsor Mr. A. Obadiaru to teacher training. The Co-operative Society did so but the teacher did not come back to teach their children after the training.

After some years, the Headmaster Mr. D.O. Igbinovia was exchanged with Mr. G.S.O. Izevbohe. But in 1952, Mr. D. O. Igbinovia was brought back. He improved on the school and handed it over to the Benin Divisional Native Authority. This school was now known as B.D.N.A. The highest standard that could be reached at that time was Standard IV. It was not approved for a Standard VI examination. Pupils left for Benin City to complete Standards V and VI.

School Upgrade Approval

In 1954, the school was up graded to Standard V and VI through the effort of the Headmaster (Mr. D.O. Igbinovia). The first graduates of this school did their First School Leaving Certificate examination on the 9th October 1954 at the U.N.A. School Oza in Benin City. Among the first people to take the examination in 1954 included:

In 1955, there were three schools at Obadan namely, B.D.N.A., C.M.S. and R.C.M. The first to leave the scene was C.M.S. and later R.C.M. was merged with B.D.N.A which was then called B.D.C. (Benin Divisional Council). Today, it is now known as Obadan Primary School.

The Headmaster Mr. A. O. Omoregie has improved on the school tremendously. He has set an academic standard for the pupils and beautified the compound with citrus fruits. Mr. A. O. Omoregie is now a pensioner leaving in the United State of America (USA). He was the Headmaster of Obadan primary from ---- to -----. His legacy remains with Obadan people and the pupils who went to Obadan primary during his time.

The current Headmaster of Obadan is ---------

On the 10th of October 1980, a Grammar School was opened at Obadan with Mr. J. E. Igbinedion as the first Principal.

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