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Igbesi Ceremony

The Obadan Igbesi ceremony is the search and killing of the pig. The Oral tradition has it that the Igbesi ceremony started with the first Enogie of Obadan. The Igbesi ceremony started before the second Enogie dynasty at Obadan.

It happened that after three years of installation as the Enogie. He decided to go and see the father in Benin City. He therefore implored his subjects to find presents for him to give to the father. Some of them brought yams, some kola nuts, some palm oil, etc. But some hunters of the same age group went to the bush to kill some animals for them they killed about seven pigs for the Enogie.

The Enogie was very happy at the sight of these pigs. He gave them coral beads as a sign of appreciation. The hunters pleaded with the Enogie to promote them to Edion Egiere (young elders) without hesitation the Enogie did so. This originated the killing of the pig before one is promoted to this grade.

The obadan Igbesi Ceremony was last celeberated in 1982 which was witnessed by all and sundry, covered by some of Mass media in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Igue Festival

Igue festival is a general festivity celebrated by the Edo speaking people. It is a sort of thanks given which denotes the begin of the New Year. It is a festival where people make their wishes. Obadan Igue festival is celebrated soon after the begin of the calendar year and it usually last for four days. The date of the festival is discussed and fixed by the elders and the Enogie of Obadan. The date is normally the best covenient time for the people of Obadan. The festival reunites Obadan friends and family together.

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