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About the author - Daniel E. Odia

This page is about the author of Obadan History book, "A concise History of Obadan" - Daniel E. Odia. We are very grateful to him for his investment into the publication of the history of obadan and making obadan history digital format possible. He is currently still very active researching about information system management of obadan. Without him Obadan.com would not have been possible at this age. Be part of Obadan, JOIN obadan NOW

At this time, we are aware of only one book about the history of Obadan (A concise History of Obadan) which was written by Daniel E. Odia. Daniel E Odia is a respectable man and with a tremendous achievement for making obadan digital information a reality. We repect him for putting so much to make this Obadan.com a world class. If there any book out there about Obadan Town, please, contact us and we will happy to add the book to Obadan website.

The first version of “A concise History of Obadan” concisely wrote about the history of obadan. As soon as a new book of this book is available, we will update this website with the latest version. However, if you would like to have a copy of this books (A concise History of Obadan), please contact us or click HERE to the author directly

Interview with the AUTHOR

Q. Obadan.com: Sir can you tell us about yourself?

Answer (author)

I am Daniel E. Odia. I was born at Okpagha Street, Obadan town to a farmer, Mr. Odia Okundaye who was a renowned native doctor and also a member of the “Iweguae” (A Royal Palace Society in Benin City). My late mother, Madam Osana Awanbor ( ) with the help of my brothers, educated me because I lost my father at babyhood.

I attended the Co-operative School which was later named B.D.C. School, Obadan between 1947 and 1955. I went to P.T.T.C. Agbede from 1963 – 1964; B/D.T.T.C. Benin City from 1965 – 1966 and the Headmasters Institute, Benin City from 1979 to 1980.

With the establishment of more secondary schools by the U.P.N in Edo State (formally Bendel State), in 1979, I was deployed to Baptist High School IV Benin City where I became the Vice Principal of the school between 1981 and 1983. I later proceeded to the University of Hull, England in 1983 to read education. I am married with children

Q. Obadan.com: Can you tell us what motivated you to write this book?

Answer (author)

The idea of writing a brief history of Obadan had remained dormant in me since 1953. This was as a result of language difficulty and financial background. However, I wrote the biography of my Late Grandmother Madam Emanye Odia who died that year.

In October 1982 after the “Igbesi Ceremony” which was witnessed by all and sundry, covered by some of Mass media in Benin City, the dormant idea germinated in me to write a Concise History of Obadan. This was an up-hill task because the majority of my people who gave me the information in this book were/are illiterates. There were no written records as to the traditions of origin and growth of the streets which were dealt with in the first two chapters of this book.

Obadan.com: Would you like to acknowledgment anybody sir?:

Answer (author)

In writing this book A Concise History of Obadan, I would like to express my gratitude to the elders of my village past and present, the Enogie family and my grand-mother Madam Emanye Odia (a Centenarian) who was born during the time of Oba Osemwende (about 1816) and died 8th October, 1953 who through personal contact and interaction fed me with facts.

The following people also contributed in no mean measure to the success of this book. They are Messrs A.O. Omoregie (the headmaster of Obadan primary school) Mr. L.E. Nododia who was always by me each time I went to Obadan to seek for facts, Pa Oduware Ehigie, Pa Ehigiator Emokpae, Madam Osana Awanbor, Late Dr. J. U. Egharevba whose book (A SHORT HISTORY OF BENIN) I consulted for some contemporary events and dates, Mrs. J. Ashibuogwu who helped to type the manuscripts, Mr. A.E. Igbinovia (Nigerian Observer) and Omo Bello who helped to do the printing work.

My special thanks go to Dr. D. Awanbor (University of Benin) who patiently read through the manuscripts before publication. Lastly, I have to thank Mrs. E.O. Elue (B.A) the principal of Baptist High School IV, Benin City, who gave me moral and financial sponsorship to see that this book receives the light of the day.

Question: What is your advice about this book:

Answer (author)

This book is far from being a model of perfection. Most of the aspects discussed are opened to further research. It is an open challenge to the historian graduates of Obadan to open up and have a final word on the history of Obadan.

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