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Imposition of Enogie of Obadan

After a year of the campaign led by Ezomo, he came to Obadan to see the soldiers and the captives. He was surprised to see that the soldiers and the captives were now used to the life at Obadan. The captives who were as thin as rake became robust and plump. He praised and called them “Obadan no ko ko ivbiahiamwen” meaning Obadan that feeds nestlings. This certificate of praise was added to the former one “Ivie Ukhukhu ne´ronmwon” meaning (Children of the golden bark of tree) which they earned as the greatest farmers of the area. “Ukhukhu” was what they used to sit and sleep on in the farm. These still reign till date.

With the impression given to him by Obadan people, he went to Egho one of the villages founded by Obadan people in (Esan) and brought his own relation named Ojiefo (Ogiefo) to be the Enogie of Obadan in about 1715. Mr. Ojiefo (Ogiefo) and his family settled at a street named Ogiegho street at Obadan. The Ezomo ordered that tribute should be paid through the Enogie to him in Benin City instead of the Oba.

The Arrival of the Enogie

The people of Obadan resented the rule of the imposed Enogie and decided to meet the Oba of Benin in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Ehon and Isi led the delegation in about 1717 to the Oba of Benin in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. On getting to the Oba of Benin palace they greeted the Oba: Oba khato okpere! Ise and they sang a song which is still sung till date at Igbesi ceremony. “Oba gha ga Ehenua” meaning “We are going to serve the King! Ehenua”. The Oba heard this and granted them audience.

They spoke pathetically to the Oba of Benin. The Oba of Benin in reply, called on one of his sons called Amenze next to the heir apparent to be the Enogie of Obadan. The day Amenze arrived at obadan, the people were overwhelmed with joy. They sang a song which sent the interim Enogie back to his own town: Egho. The song which is sung on important occations till today runs thus: Ivbighi-vbiegho, Egho gh´ Amenze meaning children of Egho look at Amenze. The reign of Amenze at Obadan began the second dynasty of Enogie at Obadan.

Relationship With The Oba Of Benin (King of Benin)

There has been cordial relationship between the people of Obadan with the past and present Oba of Benin. A clear indication of this was manifested when Oba Ohuan (1606) ran to Evbuohuan (one of the villages founded by him) near Obadan; sought aid from Obadan people and the neighboring villages to curb the rebellion of Iyase Ogina. The rebellion was crushed and “Ogina was banished to Okogo where he died and was defied”, (page 34 of a short History of Benin by Jacob U. Egharevba).

In 1896 when Oba Ovonramwen had wanted to lay an onslaught on the people of Agbor and the neighboring towns who rebelled against the Kingdom, he camped more than ten thousand soldiers that were recruited from far and near villages at Obadan for training. Oba Ovonramwen married one of the most popular wives named Egbe from Obadan. Little wonder, His Royal Highness the Late Oba Akenzua II (1933) married three women from the village. But unfortunately one named Osaigbovo (nee Arigholo) had three children for him but lost them. The great majority of the late Oba´s grand children can conveniently trace their matrilineage to Obadan.

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